3D Packaging Renders For Ecommerce Advertisement

Who are our client?

Happimess, a distinguished retail brand, specializes in thoughtfully designed home essentials that blend functionality with style. From durable trash bags and chic wickers to innovative trash cans and versatile storage solutions, happimess curates a range that elevates everyday living.

U&W Viz brought forth expertise in 3D packaging renders, transforming 2D labels into beautiful and realistic visuals. From durable trash bags to chic wickers and innovative trash cans, our 3D packaging renders added a new dimension to happimess’ product presentation. This tailored service enhances the overall coherence of happimess offerings, delivering an aesthetically pleasing and immersive experience for customers.

What our client says

U&W Viz did a great job!

Thank you, yes I would recommend U&W Viz rendering services you guys did a great job, and took care of all the corrections and feedback given. I would like a bit more attention to detail, but given that corrections where welcomed it was all good at the end, U&W Viz team help out in keeping consistency across my whole product catalog as well.


Manager at Happimess

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