Insoles Renderings And Provides Seamless 360 - Degree Photography Experience Via Interactive .GLB Files

Who are our client?

Revolutionizing athletic excellence, VKTRY Insoles, crafted for the USA Olympic Bobsled Team by Founder Matt Arciuolo, now shine with our visual expertise. As U&W Viz, we brought their innovative insoles to life through immersive 360-degree photography and interactive .GLB files. Explore our case study to witness how VKTRY Insoles, born from a passion for performance continue to push the boundaries of athletic achievement.

What our client says

U&W Viz team is very professional and responsive

U&W Viz team is very professional and responsive and price was good considering the work that you guys put in We are very pleased look forward a long relationship. Would recommend their product rendering services.

Mr. Matt

Founder at VKTRY insoles

Seamless 360 degree photography experience via Interactive .GLB files for insoles

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Challenges Addressed by VKTRY Insoles

Founder Matt of VKTRY Insoles sought a dynamic way to showcase their product – not just for customers to see but to seamlessly rotate, zoom in, and interact with the insoles from all angles in a 360-degree experience. Recognizing the need for expert rendering, U&W VIZ was the natural choice to bring this vision to life.

Results Achieved by U&W Viz

At U&W VIZ, we exceeded expectations by providing VKTRY Insoles with a .GLB file. This file was seamlessly embedded on their website via Sketchfab, enabling customers to interact with and spin the product effortlessly in 360 degrees. Our additional contributions included exploded views and rendered shots on various backgrounds – white, studio, and paired group shots for listings. The ultimate goal was to enhance customer engagement and drive optimal sales. Want to elevate your customer engagement with a 360-degree seamless experience? Avail our services today.

Almost 53k peoples interacted via 3D model of insole, skyrocket your sales today!

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