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Rendering and animation of miner machine for ecommerce advertisement 

Who our client are?

Our collaboration on the Exeton Phenom Miner Machine began with an independent contractor seeking a 3D artist through Upwork. Tasked with the challenge of creating stunning images, 3D animations, and exploded shots, our team at U&W VIZ embraced the opportunity to bring the intricate details of the Exeton Phenom Miner Machine to life. This project not only showcased our expertise but also demonstrated the seamless synergy between independent contractors and our dedicated 3D rendering and animation services

What our Client Says?

Testimonial :


Exploded view shoots

Multiple angles views renders


3D animation

Challenges Faced by Jonathan Y:

Jonathan Y encountered a significant hurdle in sourcing skilled artists for rendering their air desk purifiers and creating engaging animations. The need was not just for high-quality rendered shots but also for showcasing product features through an exploded view and conveying the purifier’s functionality via animation.

Results Achieved by U&W VIZ:

At U&W VIZ, we tackled Jonathan Y’s challenges head-on. We meticulously crafted a storyboard for the air purifier animation, then skillfully modeled and textured their products in 3D. The outcome? We delivered a suite of high-quality rendered shots, including compelling exploded views suitable for listings, and dynamic 3D animation videos that tell a captivating story about the air purifier. Our visual content not only boosted customer engagement but also played a pivotal role in driving sales. Contact us today to be the next success story in visual storytelling for your products.

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